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  • Dialogue 12:2 Renaissance


    Hosted by Galeria Sztuki W Legenicy at the Legnica Jewellery Festival Participating Dialogue Collective members: Petra Bishai, Isabelle Busnel, Laura Cave, Sophie Hall,Elsa Hedberg, Buddug Humphreys, Vicky King, Maarit Liukkonen, Jo McAllister, Therese Morch-Jorgensen, Paolo Scura, Margot Sevedjian, Ana Simoes, Rachel Terry, Timothy Information Limited, Anet Wrobel

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  • Dialogue 12:1 Renaissance


    Hosted by 84GHz “On the verge of success for a number of years, The Dialogue Collective surfaces once again this year with a highly anticipated exhibition entitled (unsurprisingly) Dialogue 12. Don’t miss it.” Mike Holmes, Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco ‘Dialogue 12:1 Renaissance’ was from a trilogy of exhibitions that initially opened in Schmuck […]