‘By Royal Appointment’


‘By Royal Appointment’


Dialogue Collective requests the pleasure of your company in the unveiling of our latest exhibition of jewellery for the Queen. You are cordially invited to step into the royal wardrobe and pay homage to the Queen’s favourite jewellery in Her Majesty’s boudoir. Select a crown of your choice and get dressed to impress!

25-28 February 2016

62 Schleißheimer Straße, 80333 München

Hosted by 84Ghz

Petra Bishai, Isabelle Busnel, Velvet Hart, Victoria King, Maarit Liukkonen, Darja Nikitina, Natsuki Sawai, Rachel Terry, Maud Traon, Sorcha Wharf, Aneta Wrobel

The exhibition was voted best show by 3 out of 10 of the Art Jewellery Forums judges

“An exhibition that provided food for thought, surprise, laughter, and interaction. The Dialogue Collective used black tape to mark out typical features of a Queen’s dressing room, using props, setting the scene with classical music, and encouraging visitors to try on a sash or a crown and take a seat in the royal boudoir. We were taken on a royal tour of the show and gifted with typically English biscuits and tea.”

Sally Collins,
jewelry designer, lecturer, and collector (UK)

“The Dialogue Collective exhibition had the best presentation for different reasons. First of all, because it interacts with the public as the jewelry is exhibited in different pieces of furniture where you see the composition with the concept of each piece. Second, they transformed the space into a conceptual, Baroque display, using as simple a material as tape to re-create pieces of furniture or decorative elements. The inspiration behind the concept was English royalty, providing the public with a playful elegant and ironic ambience.”

Paulo Ribeiro,
director and founder of JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair (Spain)

“A great all-encompassing concept—from installation and presentation to the dialogue with the public.”

Berndt Arell,
director of Nationalmuseum (Sweden)



Being shaved on stage

“A delightfully unexpected moment of hilarity and peculiarity when Christoph Zellweger shaved the legs of the Dialogue Collective ‘Queen’ to the dulcet tones of Scrotum Clamp playing ‘God Save the Queen,’ featuring Felieke Van Der Leest on the fiddle. Priceless.”

Sally Collins, jewelry designer, lecturer, and collector (UK)