Dialogue 12:1 Renaissance


Hosted by 84GHz

“On the verge of success for a number of years, The Dialogue Collective surfaces once again this year with a highly anticipated exhibition entitled (unsurprisingly) Dialogue 12. Don’t miss it.”
Mike Holmes, Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco
‘Dialogue 12:1 Renaissance’ was from a trilogy of exhibitions that initially opened in Schmuck (The Foundry, Kunstgieberei, Schwabing, Schleibheimer Straße 72, 80797 München) between March 16th and 18th 2012. It then travels to The Legnica Jewellery Silver Festival (‘Dialogue 12:2 Renaissance’) in May 2012 and ends it’s journey at the Manoir d’Ango in Normandy, France (‘Dialogue 12:3 Renaissance’), a historically listed chateau dating from the Renaissance, in July 2012.

For the ‘Dialogue 12: Renaissance’ trilogy each participant in the project was given the title ‘Renaissance’ to respond to. The historical significance of the final Exhibition space, The Manoir d’Ango, and the various stages that the Dialogue Collective find themselves in their own professional careers seemed to combine well in support of this choice of starting place. The conversations that have taken place and the resultant work produced has and will evolve further as the exhibition moves on it’s journey.553976_470212502990832_1990917168_n 558839_10151440179150230_1801245331_n