Dialogue Collective at Galerie Hell


It’s 1888. Whitechapel in London’s east end is gripped by the horrific aftermath of Jack the Ripper’s murderous campaign. Fast forward to the present. Standing outside The Cass, their spiritual home, in the pouring rain on a dark, dank and cold night, less than a hundred metres from one of the Ripper’s alleged victims, Dialogue Collective start their journey into ‘The Dark Side’. A journey that takes them into silvermithing and jewellery workshops via late night discussions in pubs. A journey that ends in Munich, at Galerie Hell.

“One piece from each artist was kept on a tray on a vertical rack while the visitor was sat in a chair at a nice desk. Each work was presented one at a time at this desk, the rotation of the works dictated by the ringing of the bell. From conception to execution , this exhibition was an honest, interactive, and fun way to exhibit and experience individual works.”
Margherita de Martino Norante, Art Jewellery Forum

“We could not simply leave Gallery “Hell” where works by several artists from London were exhibited, and we finally left, we later came back for more.” – Agita Putane, Putti Gallery, Latvia


Participating Dialogue Collective members:
Petra Bishai, Timothy Information Limited, Vicky King, Sophie Hall, Buddug Humphreys, Rachel Terry, Darja Nikitina, Margot Sevadjian, Aneta Wrobel, Isabelle Busnel, Maarit Liukkonen, Helene Turbe, Deborah Werbner, Fiona Rourke, Ellie Corp