‘In The Spotlight’


Two performances showcasing work and music by the London based jewellery collective.dcinthespotlight6_540

In a small comedy theatre in central London Dialogue Collective sits attentively in rows waiting to be entertained.  The film begins, it’s a silent comedy from the 1970’s.  They start to fidget in their seats: some are smiling; some giggle; others look confused and in pain.  Is this meant to be funny?  Of course, it’s hilarious!  This year Dialogue Collective takes a serious look at comedy to celebrate the British sense of humour.  Taking over the Marionettentheater Kleines Spiel, Dialogue Collective combines jewellery, objects, performance and media for an inquisitive exhibition exploring puns, rhymes, slapstick and games.

12-15 March 2015
Marionettentheater KLEINES SPIEL